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  • Update on Water Scarcity and Droughts indicator development


    Henriette Faergemann

    mai 2012. 23p.


    Within the 2010-2012 CIS period, an updated mandate on water scarcity and droughts was approved, requesting to deliver a set of common indicators for both water scarcity (influenced by human activity) and drought (natural).

    At the Water Directors meeting in May 2011 a set of 7 awareness raising indicators was agreed for testing. These indicators provide, in combination, an overview of the developments as regards water scarcity and droughts and will allow distinguishing between the natural and man-made phenomena.
    At the Water Directors meeting in November 2011, two agreed indicators (SPI and FAPAR) were endorsed to illustrate drought events as elements of the future water scarcity and drought indicator system. Further technical drafting and testing of the remaining drought indicators as well as in particular of the water scarcity indicator (WEI+) was encouraged.
    The testing exercise and further conceptual developments have led to the agreement by the Expert Network to include the Water Scarcity indicator WEI+ in the indicator system.


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